Library is said to be a Knowledge Hub of any academic institute. Adapting this in its true spirit, the institution offers to its students an array of the richest library facilities with fully computerized, easy access system occupying around 250 sq.m of space. There are more than 2000 books and titles from well-known national and foreign publications covering a wide range of issues in the area of Management studies, journals and magazines. The library also has a vast collection of electronic data and Statistical data on various industries.
50 plus national and international journal, magazine, periodical and news paper are subscribed so that student can sharpen their academic and professional knowledge.
Library report for Year 2013-14
• The college has 1033 Reference Books and 38 Educational CDs worth Rs. 2,32,340/- in its Library.
• During the year the subscription of 28 Journals, Periodicals and magazine had been renewed at a cost of Rs. 19,561/-
• At present purchase New Books and Magazines is going on.